The Emerging Opportunities In Critical Aspects Of Activewear

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"We use pose detection software that determines what is correct and incorrect," says Wearable Experiments designer and director Billie Whitehouse. "This is communicated back to the person wearing the pants with directional feedback, indicating which way to rotate the hip, knee or ankle to do the correct alignment." Image caption Wearable Experiments director Billie Whitehouse thinks more of our clothes could be interactive By increasing the frequency and intensity of the vibrations the tights tell you how far off you are from the ideal positions as illustrated in an accompanying app. The firm hopes to apply the technology to a range of interactive clothing, and has already launched a vibrating shirt for fans that enables spectators to feel, as well as see, the action. And people with back problems could be alerted when their posture needs improving, for example. Of course, we can feel things without necessarily touching them and it is the art of simulating the sense of touch that is proving so important in the VR world. "Haptic sensations are generated by skin displacement and forces on the human body, and a particular combination of skin displacement and applied force is associated with each sensation," says Eric Vezzoli, founder of, a haptic technology company. This requires another machine to Yoga Pants generate the sensation. Some companies are experimenting with targeted ultrasound as a way of simulating the feeling of pressing buttons or turning dials even though your hand is waving about in thin air. Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionControlling devices without touching them And this ultrasound technique is also being applied to tablet screens, varying their slipperiness at different points to mimic the feeling of pressing 3D buttons. This feeling can also be achieved using highly-targeted vibrations or electrical impulses. The motor industry in particular is interested in these techniques so that drivers can operate flat screen displays without taking their eyes off the road.

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